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The Studio

Well, I suppose the studio is more of a "person". And that person is me, Cal Mulligan.

I grew up in the Adelaide Hills of South Australia, the product of a mother who encouraged my imagination and a father with a career in art and advertising. Becoming an artist was inevitable for me, thanks to an epic environment and a bloodline of poets and designers.

I began with drawing comic books and writing short stories as a small child, and grew into creating music as a young adult. In 2021, I founded a YouTube channel and published two best-selling fiction novels. Now, I continue to tell stories and to craft imagery in numerous ways.

I strive for unbridled creativity, without the dilution of ego or fame. In saying that, I hope you enjoy everything I create - for the enjoyment of others is the monumental cherry on top of every project.

Here, you can find a collection of my life's work. Please enjoy, and do not hesitate to reach out and contact me for anything - I offer exclusive freelance services and opportunities for collaborations.


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