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A Mind of His Own
Psychological Thriller

The World Settlers
Science Fiction

Charlotte & The Skyfaller
Kid's Fantasy

Callan J. Mulligan was born in 1988 and grew up in Adelaide, South Australia.

Writing poetry and fiction from a young age, his ambition and imagination took him through several creative careers including Marketing, Music, and Film & Television. At the age of 29 he wrote his first published work of fiction, the novella, A Mind of His Own. The debut work received critical acclaim and hit amazon's Top 25 Psychological Thriller list. He has since appeared in Australian science fiction magazines, and published his highly anticipated scifi-thriller, The World Settlers.

The World Settlers broke into global bestselling science-fiction lists, along side titles such as James SA Corey's The Expanse, and Frank Herbert's Dune. A sequel followed in January, 2023.

Callan lives with his wife on The Gold Coast, and spends his time reading, telling horrible dad-jokes, and playing far too many video games.

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